"What application have you brought to IBM i today?"

The Doctor's sessions.

Over the past years DrFranken has compiled a pretty good list of sessions that he has written and can present for your users group. Below are the most popular sessions with links to the session abstracts. If there are sessions you'd like to hear but don't see listed send a note to DrFranken at Frankeni.com and we'll see what we can do.  

Updated: June 5, 2018:  
Note: The list is always being updated so check back often. If you don't see a session you'd like to see, send me a note. Thank you - DrF

Development Sessions.

  • CL Enhancements V5R3 to the Present
  • Non Technical and Inspirational.

  • Are you a Sail or an Anchor?? *NEW 2017*
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