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Frankie does Rochester!

Following the successful trip to the COMMON annual conference, Frankie III's presense was requested back at the site of his original creation - The IBM Rochester MN main site. So impressed by the monster, IBM's Ian Jarman requested that the monster visit the plant and show his stuff in the main cafeteria. So he rode with the rest of IBMs gear back to Rocheter, and then on May 18th DrFranken and a few of his friends joined him. It was a fun day with many puzzled looks, smiles, and generally a great reception for the monster.

The day following the IBM trip, Frankie III and freinds made an appearance at The OMNI users group in Chicago. He has returned to the Frankenlab and awaits complete reassembly. Fortunately he works quite well even without all of his pieces attached!

COMMON Visit a rousing success!

Frankie III spent a great week at the COMMON annual conference. He hung out in the Passport to Prizes booth greeting all many admirers during Expo. On Wednesday he was featured in Pimp my i-Extreme system i engineering. He spend the remainder of the day hanging out in that session room puzzling attendees of other sesssions.

But on Thursday it got more interesting! IBM's Ian Jarman, manager of IBM Power Systems Software invited him to the IBM Rochester facility. So he's hitched a ride on the IBM truck from Reno to Rochester. DrFranken expects to join him on site on May 18th and early the 19th before a visit to The OMNI users group in Chicago that evening.


Frankie III is at COMMON! When Expo opened a bit earlier this afternoon there he was standing in the Passport to prizes booth! He's fully assembled and running all four i partitions, Linux, and twin Windows servers.

I guess that explains the poker chip! For those of you at COMMON Come and visit Frankie, DrFranken, Webmunster and occasionaly iGor at booth 629 in Expo. We're here all week.


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